Suntront Tech was certified by SA8000:2014 corporate social responsibility management System

Recently, Suntront Tech was certified by SA8000:2014 corporate social responsibility management System, which is not only a full affirmation of Suntront Tech to take the initiative to undertake and practice corporate social responsibility for many years, but also a sign that the company has further accelerated the process of stepping into the global internationalization mode of products and services.

SA8000 system certification is the world's first international standard of ethics according to the International Labor Organization convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights and Interests of Children. Its purpose is to ensure that the products provided by suppliers meet the requirements of social responsibility standards and are applicable to enterprises all over the world.

As the first global social responsibility standard used for third-party certification, SA8000 system certification was formally implemented worldwide in 2001. It has brought immeasurable impact on the production, operation and management activities of global enterprises.The application conditions are even more stringent.General enterprise annual inspection more than 5 times, audit difficulty coefficient of five stars.The successful acquisition of SA8000 system certificate by Suntront Tech is inseparable from the mature management system and talent planning of the company.

As a developing enterprise, Suntront Tech always pays attention to natural resources, ecological environment, labor rights and social influence.With the current epidemic situation, we  has made a joint donation to the disaster area. With south flood situation, we timely donated disaster supplies, and continue to pay attention to the flood trend. One party is difficult, all directions support, Suntront Tech at all levels to actively fulfill social responsibility, social value into the organization practice.

The system is a standard designed to supervise the management of enterprises, help enterprises to improve product quality, improve the brand image of enterprises in the hearts of the public to implement the management system, and improve the overall understanding of the standard. Suntront Tech will continue to strictly implement corporate social responsibility, achieve the unity of economic benefits and social benefits of the enterprise, social responsibility input into the market competitiveness, strive to achieve the economic interests of the enterprise, the interests of employees and social benefits, achieve sustainable development of the enterprise.