Separated Structure Prepaid IC Card Water Meter


Separated structure prepaid IC card water meter is separate structure, which adopts a contactless IC card to store water volume and monitor water consumption.


This smart water meter is separate structure, composed by Internal Unit (IU) and External Unit (EU). Installed in a convenient place inside house, IU communicate with EU by wireless radio way. IU works as the user’s interface and displays relevant information, EU works as the measurement device, to measure water flow and communicate with IU.

There is a microcomputer inside IU, which can set 7 tariffs, and 8 tariff price. Customers purchase credit at vending points and upload credits by swiping his IC card on the induction area of IU. IU will load signal to EU to active valve automatically to supply water. EU calculates consumed water volume and also give feedback signal and records to IU, when credits are used up, EU will close valve to stop water supply.