Smart Management

General Introduction
Smart Management Software has friendly interface and is easy to learn and operate. It can support all SUNTRONT smart prepaid meters. It has many functions, such as create file, open account, deal with daily business, sale inquiry, multi inquiry, report summary, read/write card, input/collect data, print bill and check blacklist, etc.


1. Manage all the SUNTRONT meters with one software.

2. Create files of different meters.

4. Convenience for operator to open account, recharge, reissue card, cancel account, replace meter, etc.

5. Collect consumption records stored by IC card reader-writer and then uploads to computer for backup.

6. Inquire sale records, daily or monthly reports or any period of time.

7. Sum up total purchased amount and money of different sale regions, meters or times.

8. Automatic backup or recovery the data.