Prepayment Solution

General Introduction

Prepaid system consists of four parts, which are prepaid meters, IC card, IC card reader-writer and software.

Prepaid IC Card Meters:

MRW-S IC Card Reader-Writer

With the support the software and computer, MRW-S IC Card Reader-Writer can realize as below functions:

1. Compatible with desktop computer and laptop.

2. USB interface or RS232 interface.

3. Suitable for all SUNTRONT IC cards and prepaid meters

4. Load the credit of water/electric/gas/heat into IC card.

5. Read the card, write the card, top up the card, clear the card, reissue the card etc.

How to Use SUNTRONT Smart Prepaid Meters

1. Customer goes to vending points and pays for the fee of electric /water/gas/heat in advance, then staff will open account for customer through software and IC card reader-writer and then give him an IC card with purchased amount and relevant user information.

2. Customer swipes the IC card on the induction area of meter and then the credit will be automatically loaded into meter. Then smart prepaid meter will switch on valve to supply electric/water/gas/heat.

3. Meter can preset the alarm value. It will alarm and close valve when the balance reach this value. Customer shall swipes the IC card again to re-open valve. But when the remind are totally used up, customer must go to vending point to charge his IC card.