Prepaid IC Card Three-Phase Energy Meter


Prepaid IC card three-phase energy meter is used to measure the three-phase AC active power with 50Hz frequency by IC card.


1. The user takes the IC card to the electric power administration department (or the electric power sales office) and pays for the electric power firstly, then the staff of the electric power administration department inputs the relevant data of purchased electric power into the IC card through software and IC card reader-writer.

2. User takes back his IC card and then swipes it on the induction area of the energy meter (contactless IC card energy meter) and the data of purchased electric power will be automatically input into the energy meter.

3. After the energy meter receives the information, it will switch on and the electric power will be supplied.

4. When the remaining power amount is equal to the alarm amount, the energy meter will alarm by power cut. The user can use the remaining power amount by swiping the IC card again on the energy meter, and when the remaining power is used up, power will be cut again and the user shall buy electric power again.