Prepaid Metering Illustration


The smart prepaid meter system consists of four parts: prepaid meter, contactless IC card, IC card reader-writer and software.


Smart Prepaid Meter System consists of 4 parts: smart prepaid meter, IC card, IC card reader and writer and software.

It adopts the contactless IC card to store water/gas/heat/electricity volume and monitor the consumption. Customers purchase water/gas/heat/electricity volume at vending points and upload water/gas/heat/electricity volume by swiping his

IC card on the induction area of the installed water/gas/heat/electricity meter inside or outside of home to activate switch, which will open automatically to supply water/gas/heat/electricity.

During the period of water/gas/heat/electricity supply, the built-in microcomputer of water/gas/heat/electricity meter will automatically check and subtract the used water/gas/heat/electricity volume. Water/gas/heat/electricity meter has twice alarm function, when the purchased water/gas/heat/electricity volume reaches to alarm volume, water/gas/heat/electricity meter will close valve and stop water/gas/heat/electricity supply. Customer can resume water/gas/heat/electricity supply by swiping his IC card on water/gas/heat/electricity meter. When the remains also are used up, water/gas/heat/electricity meter will stop water/gas/heat/electricity supply completely and the customer needs to charge his IC card again.