Vice President Mr. Yang Guang of Shenzhen Gas Group visited Suntront

In the morning of December 3rd, Vice President Mr. Yang Guang with department directors of Shenzhen Gas Group paid a visit to Suntront Tech, entirely accompanied by Board Director Li Jian, Gas Department Director Yang Xuexu, Vice General Manager Dong Yide and Chief Director Wang Wanfeng, Manger Qiu Yinbing from Shenzhen Zhuodu Measurement Technology Company Ltd.

Vice General Manager Dong Yide of Suntront Gas Industrial Department introduced business conditions of Suntront, and showed them the 4.0 factory which covers 110,000 ㎡that combined with R&D and Industry in order to let them know Suntront development history and research process of products.

After visit, the two parties had discussion and communication about project of smart gas meter. On the meeting, Dong Yide introduced some representative smart gas meters and the matching system: NFC smart gas meter, NB-loT Internet of Things gas meter, LoRa wireless spectrum gas meter, gas meter smart payment system, wireless data transmission system, etc. In addition, the two parties focused on the situation of application of NFC smart water and technology of Internet of Things, Internet Plus smart gas meter from subsidiary company Zhuodu Measurement Technology Company of Hong Kong China Gas.

Shenzhen Gas Group is a large scale enterprise which is focusing on city pipeline gas supply, liquefied petroleum gas wholesale, and bottled liquefied petroleum gas retail.

During this visitation, the performance of Suntront which achieves in the field of smart gas measurement was highly affirmed by Shenzhen Gas Group. In the future, Suntrot will continue exploring in the field of China smart power information management, realizing intelligent combination of power measurement and management.