Wireless Remote Meter-Reading Water Meter


Wireless remote meter-reading water meter is kind of water meter, which can read meter and close meter valve remotely.


The wireless remote meter-reading water meter system consists of wireless remote water meter, collector, concentrator and management software.

1. Bottom layer communication: Bottom layer communication means communication between the collector and water meter. Wireless network signal has the positive of wide signal propagation, wide coverage area ability and fast construction.

2. Middle layer communication: Middle layer communication means the communication between the concentrator and collector. This communication is by wireless RF way, no need of communication line. The wireless communication distance between the concentrator and collector can be about 3km at wide open area. Each piece of concentrator can manage 255 pieces of collector.

3. Upper layer communication: Communication methods indicate below can be selected between concentrator and management center.

(a) GPRS Communication Mode

(b)Telephone Line Communication Mode

(c) RS232 Communication Mode

(d) Ethernet Communication Mode