Ultrasonic Prepaid IC Card Water Meter


Ultrasonic prepaid IC card water meter adopts advanced ultrasonic technique and composed by flow sensor and microprocessor, which is used for measuring water flow rate through pipe.


Smart prepaid water meter adopts a contactless IC card to store water volume and monitor water consumption. Customers purchase water volume at vending points and upload water volume by swiping his IC card on the induction area of water meter inside or to activate valve, which will open valve automatically to supply water.

During the period of water supply, the built-in microcomputer of water meter will automatically check and subtract the used water volume. Water meter has twice alarm function, when the purchased water volume reaches to alarm volume, water meter will close valve and stop water supply. Customer can resume water supply by swiping his IC card on water meter. When the remains also are used up, water meter will stop water supply completely and the customer needs to charge his IC card again.