Prepayment Solution

General Introduction

Prepaid system consists of four parts, which are prepaid meters, IC card, IC card reader-writer and software.

Prepaid IC Card Meters:

MRW IC Card Reader-Writer

Multi functions and built-in microcomputer, guarantee independent operation after customer registration.

Its main functions are as follows:

1. Suitable for all SUNTRONT IC cards and prepaid meters.

2. It can sell water volume, energy power, gas volume, heat power (by writing data of purchased amount into IC card) and charge IC card or reissue IC card if lost.

3. Creating function cards, such as user card, check card, clear card, demo card, etc. Different IC card has different function for different use.

4. Reading, writing, deleting, revising data in IC card.

5. Supporting offline or online operation, 6000 pieces of data storage and automatically upload data to computer.

6. Inquiring records of purchased amount.

7. Display of date and time.

MRW-S IC Card Reader-Writer

It is similar to MRW, but it cannot work independently and shall be connected with computer and supported by software. Its advantages are simple, light and portable.

How to Use SUNTRONT Smart Prepaid Meters

1. Customer goes to fee-charging center (or power sale agency & office) and pays for the power/water/gas/heat firstly, then staff will open account for customer through software and IC card reader-writer and then give him an IC card with purchased amount and relevant user information inside.

2. Customer takes his IC card to home and swipes it on the induction area of meter and then the purchased amount will be automatically input into his meter. Then smart prepaid meter will switch on valve to supply power/water/gas/heat.

3. Meter will alarm by showing information on the LCD/LED constantly when there is no enough power/water/gas/heat inside the meter, the first time alarming amount can be set in advance. Meter will alarm again by stopping work and cut supply when reach to second alarming amount. Customer can use the remains by swiping his IC card to reactivate meter. When the remains is also used up, meter will stop work again, Customer can use again only after recharged