GPRS Remote Meter-reading Large Caliber Gas Meter


GPRS remote meter-reading large caliber gas meter is wireless remote gas meter, and with the function of wireless communication to read the meter remotely


1. Remote meter reading

The smart gas meter transmits meter data by wireless meter reading network, the management staff can inquiry gas consumption, valve status, and battery status etc, they can also read meter remotely by wireless meter reading software or hand held unit.

2. Close valve remotely

The gas meter will close valve and stop gas supply after get the command of close valve from the wireless software or hand held unit.

3. Allow to open valve remotely

Transmit command of open valve to the gas meter by wireless software or hand held unit, the gas meter will enter into allow to open valve status after get the command, while not directly open valve.

4. Open valve

When the gas meter in the status of allowing to open valve, press the button on the meter shell, the gas meter will open valve to supply gas (note: press the button cannot open gas meter valve to supply gas if the meter is in the status of forbidden to open valve)

5. Close valve when attacked

When the gas meter is attacked by strong electricity and magnet, the meter will close valve automatically. The attack source should be removed firstly, and then press the button to open valve and recover gas supply.

6. Replace battery

The battery need to be replaced when the gas meter stops gas supply automatically, the batteries are 3 pieces of AAA alkaline dry battery. When replace battery, open the battery cover, replace the old battery with new one, and then press the button on the meter shell to recover gas supply.