Wireless Remote Meter-Reading Gas Meter


This smart gas meter is wireless remote gas meter, with the function of wireless communication to read the meter remotely


The micropower multi-channel wireless data transmission module is embedded inside of the gas meter, and it can transmit meter data, such as gas flow to the wireless meter reading system, then the management staff can inquiry gas consumption of each gas meter via the support of software, and meanwhile, the staff can also remotely control the gas meters.

This remote meter-reading way can avoid the traditional meter-reading house-by-house, save cost, easy operation and maintenance, greatly improve the management efficiency.

The microcomputer inside of the gas meter can calculate and store the gas quantity automatically, and can automatically test the battery status. When the battery is low power, the valve will close automatically; when the gas meters are attacked by strong electricity, magnet, the valve will also close automatically.

The wireless data transmission module adopts high efficient error correct encoding technology, and greatly improve anti-disturbing and sensitivity, low power consumption, long distance transmission, thus it realizes high efficient wireless data transmission.